Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pleasant Surprise

Normally, I have very little good to say about a random pug experience. Here's an exception.

I've recently gotten bored and decided I'm going to see how fast I can level a prot warrior since I can almost instant queue for random dungeons. At level 22, I end up tanking stocks. This is a fun one to tank because you have to hold aggro on a few mobs at once. After 2 or 3 pulls, the healer (a pally) says to pull more. I'm down. I pull about 8 or so mobs. He's keeping up, which is great.

Then it happens. The pally healer starts dropping consecrate. I'm like "ftw?!?!" So I say, "yeah, consecrate messing up my aggro hold." He responds "don't worry, I got the heals." Guess what? He did.

F'n A. Seriously, the healer just kept droppin' the consecrate and just kept healing his ass off. And here's the kicker. I topped dps as the tank, he was second as the healer. No, really, this guy was awesome. I held most of the aggro and dropped the mobs. If I lost aggro at all, they went for him and he just healed no problem. Not once did I hear "you suck, hold aggro". We just plowed through everything.

And just to keep with the spirit of my previous posts: FTW HUNTARD? lose your dps somewhere?

Have a nice day.



  2. "ftw" is just typing "wtf" too fast. That is how it started... bad interweb typing. It does not mean "f the world" or "for the win" or any other dumb combination people come up with. seriously, ftw!!1!!1!