Friday, January 15, 2010

Could You Start My Orange?

Since when has it become the tank's sole responsibility to keep the group alive? Random pugs seem to be nurturing a new generation of lazy idiots. Don't get me wrong. I love the random dungeon tool. It's much better to join the queue while you quest than to sit in Dalaran spamming tradechat for a group. Unfortunately, the quality of groups seem to go down every day.

Last night, I random pugged a regular dungeon with my DK tank (lvl 77). My gear isn't top notch, but I've got 20k hp and some pretty good mitigation. Basically, I won't die too fast, but yeah, I need heals once in a while. Also, I've worked out a pretty good threat rotation, so I have no problem holding multiple mobs. I enter VH and I have what looks to be a pretty solid group when I check gear while buffs are going out. I get my first inclination that we've got a problem as soon as the first portal opens.

Only one dps ran to the portal straight out. Bad sign, but I can handle getting hit for a bit and I have an "oh shit" button just in case. By the 4th portal, I start getting worried when I'm consistently at the top of the damage meter with 30% each fight. Then it's time for first boss, Zuramat. Now, he's fairly easy if you take him out fast or if you kill the adds. Well, when your tank is the one doing most of the damage, guess what. I can only aoe them so fast, and the dps doesn't bother to aoe at all. So, everyone else dies and the boss is at 25%. I dps it down to 3% then finally die too. I pointed out that next try, adds need to be killed. Yeah, round 2 was even worse. Not wanting spend the rest of the night wiping on one of the easiest dungeons, I dropped group.

Next, I get put in a group for HoS. Apparently, I'm the 3rd tank to join this group. They've downed 2 bosses. Then, this wise-ass dk says, "I've got more hp than this guy!"... by 100. Ok, now anyone who has ever tanked (or has a brain) knows that hp do not a tank make. Sure, you want hp, but mitigation > hp. I'd rather have a tank with 40k hp that takes 1-2k dps, than one with 60k that takes 10k dps. Anyway, I digress.

First two pulls, the mobs die fast; single targets, easy. Then, same dk, "sign of noob tank that doesn't turn the mob away from the group." Ok, now I can see this complaint if you're talking about a dragon or something else that has a frontal aoe attack, but we're talking about melee mobs that die in under 5 or 6 seconds. I guess I can see why the first two tanks left.

So, this same DK says to pull all 4 mobs in the room where bronzebeard is. I figure, ok, I'll shut him up and pull them. I grab the first two and he death grips the 3rd... away from me. He starts taking damage and yelling for heals. I pull that mob off of him, and by this time the other dps have pulled aggro off me on the first two mobs. So basically, bedlam ensues. By the time I'm able to gather the mobs up, two dps are down (including the dk) and I'm down to almost no hp. The dk says "oh, nice tanking noob." Now, I don't need that. So, I drop group. I'm sure they wiped. Have fun criticizing your 4th tank, morons.

Anyway, this just goes back to my point that people in these groups (usually dps) are just getting lazy about their roles. They figure that A) I'll just throw out some attacks/heals here and there. Someone else will make up the difference for me; or B) My job is to DPS and if we die, it's the tank's fault for not holding aggro no matter what I do.

I expect this will be seen more and more in raids. "It's not my fault that I didn't move out of the fire. The healer should have healed me." "It's not my fault that we wiped. I'm putting out the most dps, so it should be someone else's job to interrupt casts." "It's not my fault the adds got out of control. It was someone else's job to switch to them. I'm top dps so I should stay on the boss."

I bet these are the same people that ask someone else to start peeling their orange for them because it's just too darn difficult.


  1. I think that, with the advent of the heroic dungeon finder, a lot of the DPS has gotten lazy. They've run with enough excellent healers and excellent tanks (or ones that severely outgear the instance) where they haven't HAD to worry about pulling aggro because the healer can heal them through it or worry about picking up the adds because the tank is on the ball enough to do it on their own.

    Unfortunately this attitude seems to carry over to their lower-level alts where NOBODY'S gear is good enough to fall back on.

  2. Holy christ, man!

    As tank or healer, do not drop group when random retard A starts mouthing off... Vote-kick him, and explain why either he goes, or they can wait for another tank/healer. Most groups are happy to be rid of the mouthy idiot. Especially them DKs... Man, good ones get lots of praise from me, because it truly is rare.

  3. And this is why when joining lfd I prefer to go in as either tank or healer with a friend filling the other role - the odds seem to be against getting 3 terrible dps and people seem less likely to act up when the tank and healer come as a team.
    It doesn't always work, but even if you do get unlucky at least you have a friend to help share the pain :)