Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Can't Hear You Over the Sound of My AWESOME.

Ok. So, I've mentioned in the past that I'm a drood. And yeah, my name's Roguewind, so get over it. Anyway, BBB was kind enough to mention me as a druid blog, and that made me think "ftw, where's a post about droods? I thought I was drood blog too!" So, without further ado, here's a post about how truly awesome it is to be a drood.

First off, how great is it to be a hybrid class? And I mean a hybrid class like no other. Sure, you could be a paladin, but really, can a pally rock out as much as a drood? Hell, NO! They can tank, sure, but look at the big bear butt (*wink*) we sport! No def cap! Who the man(err bear)? They can heal... TREE BABY! While a pally is spamming tank heals, we're rolling hots on the rest of the raid. And if we play around with our glyphs, we can tank heal like mofos! Let's see a pally switch up and raid heal. Ain't happening, friend. And dps.... oooooh, dps. Kitty. Boomkin. Pick your poison. We got the melee and the ranged deeeeeps. Retadin? BAH! Who the man? err, tree... err, bear... err, kitty... err, owlthingie?

Second, have you ever gotten that gear upgrade and looked at your character and went "WTF? How am I supposed to inspire fear/awe/confidence in others when I look like a flower threw up on me?!?!" Well, have no fear, we're all about forms, baby! Now, some of you may say that it gets boring looking at the same toon day after day. Here's the solution: complain to blizz! After hearing it long enough, they'll extend the additional looks from bear and kitty over to tree and boomkin in no time. While other classes have to wait for the next set of tier gear to be released, we can just get a hair cut which is much less expensive than regemming new gear.

Third, our animations are the best. /dance in bear form = funny. /cower in tree form = hilarious. And who doesn't get a kick out of bears using the rocket pack on the ship in ICC? Epic win!

It comes down to this. Drood is the best. If your main is drood, you know what I'm talking about. If your main isn't a drood, reroll. You'll thank me. So, set a mirror up next to your computer and the next time your drood butt saves the raid, turn to the mirror and give yourself a thumbs up!

Who's awesome? YOU'RE AWESOME!


  1. Great post! If it’s wrong to roll a Druid just for the dances then I don’t want to be right!

  2. Not on topic at all but can I ask what "ftw" stands for?
    I've only ever seen it used to mean "for the win"

  3. "ftw" could also mean, excuse my language, "fuck the world". Doesn't sound very good, but that means there is no better/thats the best thing. Like; "ftw droods", meaning "druids are the best/rule", which is true.

    I have one (or more) thing to add to your comparing there dear Roguewind. Can Paladins Battle Ress? Nooo, can anyone else BR? Noooo, Shamans only think of themselves when self ressing, how selfish. Can Paladins Innervate, I belive not. I love to pop up and BR the dead healer on Marrowgar; Innervate, buff up, and then spank the boss- saving the day.

    And a question. Why that name of choosing for a drood? Was it like kitty in mind as a rogue?

    Keep it up fellow drood :)

  4. "ftw" = "wtf" but mistyped. All other meanings came after this.

    And the name is just the name. You'll learn to live with it.

  5. Hrmmm... where perchance did Mr. Wind get his idea for this post???

    Just teasing, I love it man!

  6. @Kaethir... I've got a bone to pick with you.
    1) that post talks about druids. I talk about DROODS... huge difference, guy. You should know this.
    2) I would never accuse a drood of cheating. Droods are just too awesome to cheat.
    3)It's "Mr. nd"... "roguewi" is my first name.

  7. @Roguewind: If I wasn't at work I would have lol'd...

  8. I love playing a druid.
    Healing full time now, my dps spec is mostly for typhoooooning big stacks of racing mammoths; my goodness what a hoot.

    I do wish we could be more 'brid. Beyond dropping out of tree to hurricane some mobs in hos or uk, I don't get out enough; feeling rooted in place.

    A seamless spec shift would rock, just pulling out of form to say, drop some quick healz is not fun enough. Jack the fun factor up some and allow for seamless spec shifts!

    Praise Elune!

  9. I hope we never see seemless spec shifts. In fact, I'd like to see it so you can't shift specs unless you're in a safe area (city/inn). Don't get me wrong, I like being able to change specs in the middle of an instance, but just because I like the ease of something doesn't mean it's right. Hell, prostitutes are easy (if not cheap) but I still don't think it's right to be having sex with them on the street. I mean get a hotel room or something... amirite?

  10. I actually think it's best the way it is. If we lose a raider and can pick up somebody but it requires me to shift specs, I'd like not to have to port back to dalaran first... and while seamless spec shifts would be COOL, it would only be really useful if they had seamless gear shifts as well... only moderately useful otherwise, and then only if your shift is bear to cat or tree to boomkin, and almost completely useless if not.

    And even if you overcame those obstacles... then you have to worry about it making druids even more OP.

  11. I believe the official name for the owlthingie is "lazer chicken". PEW PEW PEW!