Monday, March 8, 2010


The time has come. I'm done. I can't bring myself to continue spending my time playing a game that spoon feeds me any more. It's lost its excitement. And with the birth of my first child coming in a few months, I just don't have the time to spend on something that offers me no satisfaction.

I'm a sometimes casual player (meaning I like to log on for 20-30 minute sessions but I will occasionally set aside an entire weekend or a 2-3 nights a week for raiding), but I only got into the hardcore raiding (scheduled 4-5 hours 3-4 nights a week or more) for a few months out of the last 4 years. For most of this time, I've had good gear, not great gear. Then again, I never worked hard enough to have great gear, but I enjoyed getting the gear I had. Now, I have much better than good gear, but not all bis. I really didn't have to try. It just doesn't mean as much, especially when everyone else has comparable gear. Hard work makes rewards more valuable, but nerfs and handouts have devalued the game.

I used to look forward to accomplishing things. The next level, the next dungeon, the next boss... all of that is gone. Leveling has become so easy that even my altoholic tendencies can't be quenched. All of the new instances lose their luster because they're just 15 minute distractions. Raiding has just become a race for the mediocre rather than a test for the best.

This video sort of sums it up.

If any of this changes in Cataclysm, keep me updated, but until then, peace out.


  1. If it's not fun, it's not worth it. Hopefully you'll come back some day, but good luck to you otherwise. You'll be in my feed reader...

    Also, congrats on the spawn! May it survive and prosper.

  2. I hear the video link was taken down because the production company that owned the rights to the footage threatened suit. rofl.